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Mexican Immigrants Have More Rights Than U.S. Citizens

June 26, 2012

Sad to say, but yes, it’s true.  While the United States Supreme Court agreed to hear the Arizona case on the rights of illegal immigrants, it refused to hear a case from Michigan that was presented by a citizen denied court access because she was poor.  How is it that the rights of immigrants come before the rights of U.S. citizens?  Most likely it is due to the fact that the government showed an interest in an high profile political battle.  Those that are quietly poor don’t seem to get much attention.

Now that the case in Michigan has been decided, all the people who are too poor to hire an attorney or too poor to pay for an expert can be denied access to the courts with immunity.  Asshole of the Week Award goes to the United States Supreme Court for putting the rights of its own citizens below those from Mexico.

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