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Ann Romney: “We’ve Given All You People Need to Know [About Our Finances]…”

July 20, 2012

Ann, you’ve not made friends with this one, telling people that you won’t release tax returns, with: “all you people need to know” as part of your line.  All you people as in all you voters?  All you lowlifes who want to know how we, Romneys, spend our money?  All you people who just want to make fun of us?  I know.  We should feel sorry for the poor little rich wife, shouldn’t we?  She is, after all, just trying to protect her husband, who is running for US president, from malicious attacks.  She calls voters and Robin Givens “you people,” and then says that she doesn’t owe anything else.  Ann, not helping your hubby, just not helping here….

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