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Flawed Study Says Boys Like Trucks Because of Hormones

August 24, 2012

And, you guessed: girls like dolls supposedly because of hormones.

Are we still in this debate about men having roots to hunting parties somehow relating to trucks and spatial abilities?  Oh yes, and it’s front page stuff on science websites.

Supposedly boys are exposed to testosterone in utero and therefore, at 3-4 months of age, stare longer at trucks than they do dolls.  And supposedly, girls stare longer at dolls than trucks.  Ergo, so the flawed logic goes:  boys must not be aware of social pressure at that age and staring at trucks equates to an hormonal influence linked to hunting and gathering:

This is purely speculative, Wallen said, but boys’ superior spatial abilities have been tied to their traditional role as hunters. “The general theory is that well-developed skills in mental rotation allowed long distance navigation: using an egocentric system where essentially you navigate using your perception of your location in 3D space,” he said. “This might have facilitated long distance hunting parties.”

Note that the researcher, while admitting to speculation, openly relates the idea of long distance navigation with superior male skills, albeit ignoring that women travel to, and have  for millennium.  Note also that previous male research on infant recognition systems claims that infants don’t recognize their mothers before they are 4 months old, and yet, we believe male researchers who base their studies on how long infants stare at trucks? Oh where would we be without our male GPS to guide us, to tell us where to go?  Help, help, because we are women and have no concept of hunting and therefore navigation. Barf, barf, because there are still men out there promoting this crap as valid science.  Please, please wake me when the chauvinism is over…


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  1. September 15, 2012 8:23 am

    it’s so rich content..well done !!!


  1. Chapter 4B: The mental rotation and recognition of oriented objects | fawzy's lucky people

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