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Chris Rock and How White is Obama–Best Election Video Ever

November 5, 2012

Not much could get me to like Barack Obama right now. I feel like he sold out to the big corporations, has a crappy legacy of appointing and keeping women in senior staffing positions, and he seems to have abandoned any sense of likeability when it comes to the environment.  Well, all that, and I think that he never had the charm to pull this stunt off the first time, but he had the other side with Sarah Palin looking to take office.  Who couldn’t win with those odds, right?  Oh, and his only Democratic competitor was trounced out when he pissed off his soon to be ex-wife by coercing her to attend swingers events so he could hook up with other women.  What’s competitive there for Obama?  Lipstick-Smoochin Grizzly Palin or Swinging from the Ex-wife Rafters?  Wonder why he won?  Yeah, me either.

This time around?  It’s a tough sell.  Obama looks perennially constipated.  He seems shallow and flippant.  He talks big but doesn’t deliver.  Oh yeah, and he pushed through Obamacare to give money to insurance companies and absolutely pissed off most voters with money.  What’s not to love, right?  Well, there is that bit about Romney and his rapist-talking co-horts.  So we have rapist-talking co-horts who believe that Joe Smith was part of a second coming or we have a dude who just about set up a funnel from our pockets to insurance company coffers.  America, you’re beautiful, if not tremendously fucked in this election.

So, anyway, not much could make me like Obama except this: Chris Rock.  I haven’t seen anything funnier in quite a long time.  See if you don’t find Obama better-looking after this, even with his mom jeans.  Either that, you’ll just laugh your ass off and vote for the progressive female candidate on your ballot.  Pick what you like, but watch the show.  Nice going, Chris Rock.  I think I love your mind, but maybe not as much as your mockery.

Chris Rock

Cover of Chris Rock

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