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Obama Inching Ahead on Election Day

November 6, 2012

It’s 2:21 p.m. on Election Day in the United States, and so far Obama is inching ahead of Romney.  According to Yahoo News, the majority of Americans are feeling angry.  The bright posting on the front page of Yahoo Election Coverage doesn’t say why, but perhaps they’re irritated by the virtual barrage of robocalls pushing people to the polls.  Maybe they’re annoyed at being called to ask repeatedly who they will vote for.  Maybe they are angry about the political state in this country, or the lack of effect either candidate will actually have on their individual lives.  It’s tough to muster the urge to vote when it doesn’t feel like voting impacts you at all.

The local university pushed coverage of students explaining why voting is important to them, but in their coverage, they unintentionally covered the voter apathy crowd, too: those who think that a vote makes no difference.  If all of the incumbents got those people to vote, they would be golden.
So, here we are on election day and Obama is holding steady.  It’s a close race, very close.  Will the results really matter?

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