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Romney and O’Reilly Declare Obama Won Because of Gifts to Minorities Changes Concept of Campaign Spending

November 17, 2012
Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Funny, isn’t it, the way the media bandies about the term, “minorities.”  Supposedly minorities include Latinos and African Americans who just managed a majority vote to elect the sitting President Obama. Strange that Romney and O’Reilly would claim that these “minorities” are now getting “stuff” from the President, as opposed to the claim normally made by the Old White Men’s Club that money given to a campaign influenced the election.  Apparently the money the Old White Men’s Club gave didn’t influence the election; they believe that the money that will be given in the future to constituents, as opposed to money paid to the Romney campaign was the game changer.

Many Republicans may be backing away from Mitt Romney’s so-called “gifts” comments, but one anchor is standing right behind the former presidential candidate: Bill O’Reilly.

Romney managed to cause himself trouble even after losing the election, when statements he made on a private call to donors surfaced in the media. Romney said that President Obama beat him because of the many “gifts” he made to core constituencies like African Americans, Latinos and young people.

This line of thinking happened to line up pretty closely with O’Reilly’s widely-circulated comments on Election Night. The Fox News host said that Obama was winning because people wanted “stuff” and “things” and the president was more prepared to give it to them than Romney, the defender of “traditional” values, was.

Speaking on his Thursday show, O’Reilly defended Romney, and implied that the governor had drawn inspiration from him.

“As you may know, I did an analysis pretty much saying the same thing,” he said. “And I think that’s what Governor Romney picked up on.”

Unsurprisingly, he found Romney’s analysis “right on the money.”

“When you get a tremendous amount of money flowing out of Washington into certain hands, the hands receiving that money are not going to want it to stop,” he said. “Mr. Obama said quite clearly, ‘if you vote for me, I’m going to give you money.'”

Interesting, isn’t it, that this time supposedly a U.S. President was elected because people expected gifts?  Well, isn’t that what the Old White Men’s Club expected?  These Super PACs and majority donors expected special privileges when they felt they could elect “their” President, Mitt Romney.  Now, the ones receiving that money, so-called minorities, are unfavorable recipients according to the Old White Men’s Club.  Have  O’Reilly, and his counterpart Romney, perhaps forgotten about the auto bail-out, or perhaps the big bank bail-out?  Corporations are people, ridiculously, according to the United States Federal Supreme Court (a decision from which I must distance myself immediately, because it’s one of the stupidest decisions that will discredit their legacy) , but if corporations are people, didn’t the people get big hand outs in the form of corporate bail-outs from Washington?  So, after the airlines were bailed out, and the banks, and Wall Street, and the auto manufactures, Bank of American, and all those criminal subprime mortgage lenders, at what point is a a bad thing if actual flesh and blood people would get some money?

I don’t know why, at this point, these guys don’t realize what they’re saying.  Well, theirs is obviously the losing strategy, so maybe that explains it.

While I have no true love for Obama, I am heartened that the big corporations that dumped money into an election in order to get special favors are despondent about their defeat.  If they actually took responsibility for their mistakes, showed any level of social ability, and stopped making us v. them commentary with regards to gender or race, maybe they wouldn’t  have lost.

Maybe.  Guess if flesh and blood people actually get money from the government this time instead of people-corporations, the Old White Men’s Club gets pissed off.  Seems there is no more Old White Male majority that gets to run their mouths of off with immunity.  About damn time.


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