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HuffPost Detroit: Why Had I Never Found You?

December 4, 2012

For those of us from Michigan, we can all admit it: Detroit is something of an embarrassment, shameful even.  From it’s status as murder capital or the fact that the scandals just seem endless, Detroit is like bad city porn: it’s addictive and unhealthy.  So why am I thrilled that I just found HuffPost Detroit?  Because I didn’t know anything this bad existed!

I have read HuffPost for a number of years, and while I love the fact that HuffPost makes money off of a good number of unpaid writers, because as writers, who doesn’t love that??  Goooooo blogosphere! I am fully committed to keeping it real and therefore anonymous here.  Read: no HuffPost for me.  That said, a guilty pleasure is still oft a pleasure and to see Detwat in all of its deranged glory on national news publications just gives me a thrill:  “Hey, I know that city! I lived in the outskirts!”  Little thrill though it may be, I like to see the dysfunction play out like a Jersey Shore, or Hills episode, maybe a bit like a Housewives of some city or another, but that same level of drama, playing out here in good ole Michigan where we have land grabs, power grabs (anyone in Benton Harbor read about that children’s park that’s now a marina?), sex scandals (Kwame Kilpatrick), business scandals (Rick Snyder is an Amway God  and happens to also multitask by implementing policies to drive Detroiters away from the polls), means you gotta love it.

I have yet to determine whether or not HuffPostDetroit will make good on all this juicy gossip.  Miss the whole Mike Cox, former MI Attorney General investigated by FBI for obstructing Kwame investigation?  But, then again, I am just glad to see that we have our own version of reality television, with scandal, addiction, murder and espionage (just kidding, this isn’t a Bond movie), all rolled into one here in Michigan.

Just in case you were wondering, Huff Post Detroit reports that Detroit is the most dangerous city for gays and lesbians.  Sniff. Stuff to make you proud, right?  Our own little haven of scandal-ridden bigots.  Please pass the tissue.

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