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Vaginas of the World–the Perfect Vagina? Check out “Show Your Vagina”

January 20, 2013

I was just reading on about labiaplasty, again…sigh… I have a post about this concept of vaginas being ugly and needing reconstructive surgery to “fix” that aesthetic, mainly perpetrated by male plastic surgeons, which I am sure does not come as any surprise. My post: Vaginas Are Ugly? also contains a work warning.  Surprise–don’t look at pictures of vaginas at work, particularly “ugly” ones, because ugly vaginas get many people into trouble.  Or maybe just viewing vaginas at work will get you into trouble.  You can’t be too careful these days what with “ugly” vaginas running loose, labia majora and labia minora flapping in the breeze.  I tell you, tough business having labia that men like to cut.

Jezebel has this to say about the flap over labia:

Why the fuck do women want their vulvas to look like they’re made out of plastic? (A minority of women seek out labiaplasty for non-aesthetic reasons, but most do because they’re embarrassed or ashamed of their “abnormal” lower lips.) We can blame Brazilian bikini waxes, the mainstream media, and, of course, porn. “Girls are more aware of what they look like now,” Alter admits. (And lucky for him!) Blatt’s website entices clients by stating that “Some women just want to look ‘prettier’ like the women they see in magazines or in films.” Ugh

While we women in Western society have been patting ourselves on the back and condemning female genital mutilation, which we should, we are also quietly ignoring so-called vaginal plastic surgery, for cosmetic purposes, because we all know how absorbing it is to sit on the bed and stare at one’s vagina all day long and obsess about it as we live our daily lives.  I mean, if it weren’t for men telling us we had ugly labia, how else would we know it?  How else might we spend our days staring at the rolls of our labia if not to critique it and compare it to porn stars whom everyone apparently wants to emulate in the bedroom and snub on the street.  We have SOOO grown up about sex, haven’t we?

Jezebel turned me onto this site started in response to the “ugly vagina” commentary, and no shocker here, don’t look at it at work, because there are VAGINAS on this site, but if you wonder if you are normal, or if you don’t give a shit and simply like vaginas, take a look.

The purpose of the site of Vaginas of the World? Well, here is the quote:

“Purpose of blog: Many girls are uncomfortable with their vaginas, along with myself. So I thought there should be a place where we could embrace our vagina lips, big or small! And what better place than Tumblr? :D”

I am not sure how to embrace our vaginas via a webpage, and I think that many women who have men in their lives telling them their vaginas are inferior have the very obvious option of telling the guys to get lost and go back to the cave, which is about where I put men who complain about the size of women’s boobs, too, but perhaps women need to see what is usually shrouded by sheets and towels and underwear, and anything else people design to cover vaginas.  Be proud, everyone, half the population has vaginas, and all the rest have assholes.  The second we start doing cosmetic surgery to fix an asshole guy, then perhaps we can refer them to the surgeons advocating labioplasty, because for those guys, it seems their asshole has grown too big for them.

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  1. January 20, 2013 10:01 pm

    This is such a strange concept to me. What sort of guy would complain about how a vagina looks? Well, we know what sort of guy, but I wonder in reality how many actually do. I suspect the answer is pretty close to zero and this is another insecurity baseball bat to hit women with so that rich people can make even more money.

    • September 9, 2014 2:05 am

      Women complain about how a man’s genitals look all the fine. If you haven’t slept with a man with a small penis and laughed with your friends about it then I’m.sure you have laughed at someone else’s description of their one night stand’s small penis.

      That said, my experience with women has been different. A few years ago I lost both of my testicles and I elected not to get implants. The result of this is that I have an “empty sack” which I think sometimes looks like a wrinkly deflated balloon. Women I have slept with have been very supportive and have told me that balls aren’t that important to them.

  2. January 27, 2013 9:07 pm

    If your partner is reluctant to give you oral sex, it’s not because of pervasive cultural belief that cunnilingus is complicated to the point of being impossible and that vaginas are inherently icky (thus the need to uncomplicate them and un-ickify them with, oh, say, labiaplasty) it’s because your vagina tastes bad. Enter the Linger Internal Vaginal Flavoring , or Altoids for your vagina. Linger assumes you already feel bad about your nether regions, stating on its Web site that the mint-flavored pill “decreases self-consciousness” and tosses out the unattributed statistic that 72 percent of women feel self conscious about their taste and odor. Dubious marketing practices aside, the Linger mint isn’t just a harmless, if asinine, oddity. Mother Jones magazine did some digging into the origins of Linger and discovered that the vagina mint is no different from a regular mint. In other words, it’s made out of sugar. And putting sugar-based mint directly into your vagina is a recipe for a mint-flavored yeast infection.

    • brokeharvardgrad permalink*
      January 30, 2013 2:11 am

      I hadn’t heard of vaginal mints before. I will have to write a post about that one. I am contemplating ways to introduce this into dinners with friends:”Oh, by the way, anyone want a mint, or a vaginal mint?” Perhaps we could start with this at the outset of dinner:”Vaginal mints to freshen up before we start our soup course anyone?” I can’t help wondering if mint in the vagina is the way to go, because I wonder how minty is minty, or maybe how “tingly” is minty? Would it burn? And if there is a person who really wants mint-flavored vaginas, whose to say we haven’t missed a flavor, say bubble gum vagina flavor? I really don’t know any women who personally taste their vaginal secretions to determine if they are “safe” for their partner to consume, but perhaps there are women who are worried about their taste, and if so, might find a vaginal mint a reprieve from bathing. Hmm, I can’t imagine any good scenario with this here, but maybe there is one.

  3. Barry permalink
    August 13, 2013 1:06 pm

    Haven’t seen one I didn’t like !!!!!!!

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