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C’mon Let Me Ride Your Bicycle Seems Trying Too Hard to Emulate Pink

January 30, 2013

Usually I at least listen to Eminem.  Maybe it’s a Michigan loyalty thing.  Maybe it’s because behind all that anger he sometimes has something to say.  Maybe I am just wasting time, but in this new video featuring Eminem, I couldn’t even make it through 2 minutes without getting irritated by outright campy video features and deep-seated misogyny.  Literally, campy, as in cut-off shorts and ass in the air poses around staged trailers.  As if that isn’t stupid enough, then the star feature, in this female bash fest starts to use a chain saw and tanning bed to inflict injury on other women she calls “bitches.”  To add insult to injury, this is juxtaposed with the “artiste”-wannabe, posing with lollypops and pink hair.  Pink should be insulted.

Watch if you like, but C’mon Let Me Ride Your Bicycle is the worst begging for sex misogyny porn out there, and she isn’t even fun to watch.

Bummer, Eminem totally tanked, too.

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