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Response to “10 Things Bartenders Hate About You” Because It’s Whiny, Self-Indulgent Drivel

February 23, 2013

I hear you, Ms. Bartender-from-Hell who claims to have not sold her soul to the corporate chain of her desk while trumpeting that you sold your marketing skills for some business/banking exec who comes in regularly and talks to you, that you are unhappy with being treated poorly at your job while you work to be a writer.  I hear you that you don’t like your ass grabbed, and nor should it be.

I hear you that you are constantly trying to prove how smart you are, how educated, but let me give it to you honestly because you seem to feel privileged to lecture because you are a bartender: it’s hard to tell how intelligent you are when you are trying not to build foam from a beer tap.  It’s hard to tell how intelligent you are when you berate people for not knowing as much as a bartender about alcohol.  You have your own moralistic, elitist bullshit going on without even seeming to notice it.  And, here’s a news flash: I hate going to bars where people like you work, because as a customer, you always act like I owe you a break for your bad day (which would not be my fault), to your overworked status (also not my fault and for which I don’t always feel gracious when my food or drinks are wrong, cold, or supremely late–I am paying for that, not expecting a gift), to you whiny self-indulgent shit about how you are so intelligent but actually hate having to work in a bar.  Listen–not my problem.

I want to come into a bar, get a good drink, maybe eat, and relax, not have to deal with someone who is grouchy and rude because they are having a bad day. I seriously don’t care if you have underappreciated intelligence or whether or not you got a degree–I want my drink and I go out for entertainment.  Try working at a front desk where you have to smile, or working in sales, where a bad day will cost you your salary, or bad reviews will cost you your job.  Here’s a tip:  that’s called living a real world where your job demands a certain level of professionalism that seems foreign to you, which means not giving a personal judgment for someone not knowing the cost of wine in NYC.  So what if people tell you to smile.  I agree that you aren’t a dancing bear, but you do work in public and no one wants a grouch slamming drinks and dissing on all the shit they have going on when someone comes in for a drink.  News flash: it’s your job in a customer service industry to deal with assholes, because they are everywhere, and not to treat everyone else who comes in like an asshole.

So, Ms.Bartender Who Hates “You,” it’s no fun coming to your bar. People don’t care if you have a bad day or are working on your writing, or whether or not you had a bad day.  We hate bartenders like you.


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  1. February 25, 2013 5:19 am

    I like this. Many-a-days I’ve experienced bad service from snobs that call themselves bartenders and waiters. Either I put up with the crap to avoid spit on my food, or I take it up to them and add to their crappy day. Like you said, not my problem that they are having a bad day. We all deal with crap daily, so what makes their crap any worse?

  2. Mary permalink
    July 19, 2013 8:48 pm

    Lately, it seems like many people in the service industry think they have the market cornered on dealing with annoying people. In any job, where you have to deal with people, there are going to be challenges. They are hundreds of web site devoted to ” what bartenders and servers hate about thier customers”. The McDonald’s employee and the teacher that has to has to put up with the dsyfunctional kid you have raised would be dismissed immediately for posting comments like these. You are paid a meager hourly salary but what you declare to the IRS is on the honor system. It’s quick cash with quick rewards but seems to create bad habits. That’s why people get trapped in this industry. In any other environment, it is called being “unprofessional”. Perhaps, your personality or ability to manage challenges is not a fit for this type of role.

  3. Stig Helmer permalink
    August 17, 2013 11:29 pm



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