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Fired for Being Pregnant and Unmarried: Teacher Files Suit Against Catholic School

May 28, 2013

The Catholic diocese isn’t claiming that it didn’t fire an unmarried teacher from getting pregnant by artificial insemination, it’s arguing that because the teacher signed a contract agreeing to abide by Catholic mandates, she is in violation of her contract, that her firing isn’t a case of discrimination.

But Steven Goodin, representing the archdiocese and the schools, said there was no discrimination. He says Dias was fired “for intentionally violating a contract.”

Goodin pointed out to jurors a clause in the employment contract saying employees must “comply with and act consistently in accordance with the stated philosophy and teachings” of the Catholic church and the schools’ policies and directives.

The archdiocese has said that artificial insemination violates that doctrine and is immoral.

Goodin noted that Dias is gay and therefore “shouldn’t have signed a contract knowing that she was violating” church doctrine.

While the lawsuit does not claim Dias was fired because of her sexual orientation, Goodin said she kept the fact that she was gay a secret, because she knew the church doesn’t approve of homosexual acts.

“That all goes to her credibility,” he said.

Goodin said the lawsuit is “about money, plain and simple.” Even if jurors should find his clients did something wrong, “the evidence will show that Ms. Dias is not entitled to any damages,” he said.

While it’s illegal to fire a woman for being pregnant, supposedly, I have known many women fired after a pregnancy is announced. And while I have known of many women being fired for a pregnancy, I haven’t heard of any suing.  Good for Ms.Dias that she is pushing this.  Everyone knows that suits against the Catholic church have been about money in the past, right? Yeesh, sometime I wish the Catholic church would wake up to their inadequacies and start functioning like its leaders live in the 2oth century, 21st would be even better!

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