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Michigan Mother of Autistic Child Arrested for Attempted Murder

September 11, 2013

It’s sad when Michigan makes headlines for being backward, sad when that backward attitude leads to child abuse, attempted murder, and the degradation of an entire family. Tragic, when you consider what happened with Kelli Stapleton. Kelli Stapleton is charged with the the attempted murder of her autistic child, a joint murder/suicide attempt that might have been prevented had Kelli had more help dealing with her physically abusive daughter. How physically violent was this daughter with her mother? Well, Kelli ended up in the hospital twice for brain injuries caused by her daughter’s violence. Research has shown that brain injuries, concussions, and head injuries increase the risk of suicidal behavior. This mother suffered repeated head trauma at the hands of her own daughter, repeatedly writing in her blog about how she could not get the needed help from Michigan agencies to get treatment for her daughter.

You can watch the video below to see what a basic therapy session was like, and the behavior the team was trying to reinforce? Getting Issy to sit down. This is what it took to try to get Issy to sit down when asked.

It is never acceptable to harm a child, but what no one likes to discuss is what happens to parents on the receiving end of physical abuse like this with no end in sight. Kelli was charged with attempting to kill her daughter after she was told that Issy couldn’t return to school, that Kelli had no help for taking care of her. Remember that Kelli is a person living with multiple brain injuries, which undoubtedly affected her decisions, but why was a mother with multiple brain injuries left without support from state agencies? Why was Kelli left to make these decisions on her own, decisions for which she was apparently unfit to make? Blame tends to fly the fastest amongst people who don’t want to shoulder any responsibility, but in reality, how is it that the mother was left with no supervision to “care for” or receive abuse from her daughter to such a degree that it made her mentally unstable with no official notice? It’s a tragedy for the entire family. It’s a tragedy for Kelli and Issy and the two other siblings at home. Mostly though it’s a tragedy that these two people were placed in such a situation that they caused each other irreparable harm because there was no one standing in their way.

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