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Robin Thicke the Old Perv In “Blurred Lines”

December 8, 2013

I am not opposed to female nudity, but I do have to say that Robin Thicke, an ostensibly happily married man, pushing 40, just looks like the old perv I loved to hate as a young woman. I don’t know what is grosser, his blatant exploitation of women young enough to be sired by him, or the fact that he attempts to cavort with seemingly rhythmless teens who make it just seem plain old dirty old man kind of vibe.

I love the rhythm of the song; although I must say that there is a reason that the male protagonist isn’t getting any “good girls” when his pick up line resorts to the equivalent of “I have a dick big enough to tear your ass in two.” Catchy, isn’t it?  Hmm, wonder why this pick-up line isn’t successful? Women?  Isn’t that what everyone wants to hear from their lover? Yuck, just can’t even play that way, not to mention that while this song may be every man’s dream of a good girl gone bad, it leaves no sexual autonomy to the woman.  She must be turned by the male lead who offers to tear her ass in two by means of turning her “bad” because “she wants it.” Ah yes, a woman wanting sex would be bad? I kind of gag in my mouth just thinking bout this song, little puke in my throat.

Maybe it works for some women, handing their sexuality to a man who says she is bad for wanting sex, but it seems like a failed ploy to me. And, well, it seems coercive to say that the man she is with is not her maker, but the singer wants to be. What about this song is attractive? It’s melody is pretty good. It’s catchy. Lyrics like “hey, hey, hey” are easily repeatable and therefore capable of being song by everyone from imbecile and beyond. I guess I like the whole bit about “what rhymes with hug?” as a version of junior high humor, but I just can’t get over the fact that all the ogling reminds of being a teenage girl and feeling disgusted by the older guys’ ogling in just that fashion. I felt revulsion then and feel it now. Eww.

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