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My Favorite Missed Connections on Craigslist From Summer 2013

January 14, 2014

Start the new year off with some warm remembrances from last summer…

 To the blond with blue eyes and sweats at shoprite on hylan blvd… – m4w – 32 (S.I.)

It is Tuesday and raining outside. I ran into you down a couple of aisles and made eye contact with you a few times but im not sure if you noticed me. You had the most gorgeous blue eyes i have ever seen in my freakin’ life. I think you had your nose pierced too. I tried to time myself so i could catch up with you at the register but you were to fast for me, lol. You were wearing blue sweat pants. I watched you get into a minivan (i think) as i was putting the shopping cart back. I was the white guy with the shaved head and grey sweats. What top was i wearing? Good Lord you were beautiful……

F Train from 57th Station to Queens, Guy With Bike – m4m (Queens)

you had your bike at the 57th st station platform about 6:30PM Sunday and you knew I was admiring
you and your bike so i purposely got on the same car, you acknowledged that you knew I
was a rider too by what I was wearing and we were talking about biking the whole way backYou said bye with the most beautiful smile, would do anything to even just be biking buds with you

Governors Ball Nas – m4w – 21 (Randalls Island)

Chanel from Florida. Met you at the Nas concert on the right side. We talked for a while, we both had similar majors, same music taste. We hooked up throughout the show. Lost in the moment, getting your phone number slipped my mind; boy do i regret that. You then quickly left with your friends. I thought you were utterly gorgeous, and had a great time with you. Would love to see you again sometime and actually get to meet you. 6-11-2013
Just because it was a great one…

 Mature dog walker, M4W – m4w

Though I browse missed connections frequently out of a morbid sense of curiosity, I never thought I’d find myself posting. Ah well, I (mid-20s guy, shaggy hair, average build), passed you walking your dog this afternoon. You were much older than myself, walking your dog in an outfit that wasn’t overtly sexual, but your demeanor was. Short cut-offs, and a very thin cotton tee with no bra combined with your confident posture and slightly suggestive smirk set forth a torrent of fantasies that hadn’t existed thus far.Now, I’m sure mature sexpots have no need to check their local missed connections, and most likely you were simply out for a stroll enjoying the attention you garnered from men of all ages, but if your trek was with purpose and I simply neglected to play my role, perhaps you will be checking the listings.
Oh, yeah, I found this for real, not sure where it came from, but also not sure if I were the one with the bleeding ear that I would look him up. He is trying anyway, sounds like a nice guy:The other day I was walking down the street and I heard you screaming for help, I spotted you with your car pinned on the parking lot gate and your head stuck in the door threatening to be smashed like a grape. I jumped in, put your car in reverse and got you out. I hope your ear is alright, and that sucks that you missed your friends wedding. Anyways, even with a mangled ear, hysterical, and covered in blood you were still pretty cute; and I’d say you owe me a couple of drinks for that one. I would’ve taken you to the hospital myself but I was starting a new job in ten minutes, I hope that lady got you there quickly. Well, that’s all I guess; maybe I’ll hear from you. If that doesn’t count as a ‘missed connection’ I don’t know what does. If not, thanks for the ridiculous story. Put the color of your blood splattered dress in the email so I know it’s you.


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