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Guys Overwhelmingly Want Sex More Than A Card on Valentine’s Day

February 5, 2014

Hmm, sex, card, sex, card… Tough one, isn’t it? According to one study, only 7% of men want a thoughtful card on Valentine’s Day, as opposed to the 46% of men who would like sex for Valentine’s Day.

Researchers surveyed more than 1,000 adults and found that, overall, women love Valentine’s Day more than men. No huge surprise there. But 20 percent of men say they love Valentine’s Day, too (aw!), and 59 percent of those guys say they expect to have even-better-than-normal sex on V-Day (hey, that’s kind of why we love it, too).

When asked men what they really wanted for Valentine’s Day, sex topped the charts with 46 percent of men putting it on their wish lists. It was followed not-so-closely by a thoughtful card (7 percent).

While I am kind of squeamish about “giving” sex as a comparison to giving a card, as though one is gifting the other with a tryst, as opposed, to just plain wanting to have sex with one another, I have to say this writer got it right: women want better than normal kinds of sex, too. Does anyone poll women about wanting better than normal sex for Valentine’s Day? I haven’t found that poll yet. I will keep looking. I will keep you posted. I am willing to bet: no. No one has polled women to ask if they would rather have better sex or a card on Valentine’s Day. Get right on that, would you?

Oh, hey, wait, it’s possible that a survey, reported by another website, found that 70% of women want to go out to eat instead of having sex. Instead of sex? Or maybe women would just prefer foreplay by way of going out to eat? Upon going to, the site supposedly doing the survey, I could find no mention of the supposed study, nor any mention of the food vs. sex bit.

So, while cards are good, seems sex is better to have on Valentine’s Day. Just make sure it’s better than average? Not sure of the take-away here…If having sex on Valentine’s Day, make it better than usual, or men expect better sex than usual? It’s enough to give a girl a fear of Valentine’s Day itself.



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