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Male Ritual “Circumcision” Is Mutilation

February 5, 2014
English: plastibell circumcision day 5 postope...

English: plastibell circumcision day 5 postoperative (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As the world begins to talk more freely about what circumcision, and what I call mutilation, medical groups are coming out against parents ritually cutting off part of the penis or vagina in order to mark their children as a religious practice:

Medical associations in Sweden and Denmark have strongly recommended a ban on the non-medical circumcision of boys, reports the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

The Sweden Medical Association, which counts 85% of the country’s physicians as members, recommended setting twelve as the minimum age for the procedure and requiring a boy’s consent in a resolution which was unanimously passed by the ethics council, reported the Svenska Dagbladet.

The Danish College of General Practitioners, a group with 3,000 members, made a statement that ritual circumcision of boys was tantamount to abuse and mutilation, according to Danish newspaper BT. They polled their readers and found that 87% were in favor of a ban on non-medical circumcision.

Of course here in the States, there are trumped up “medical” reasons for circumcising, and while California attempted to ban circumcision and then, defining absurdity in action, wrote a law banning the banning of circumcision, there has been a rousing cry that banning genital mutilation of a child infringes on the parental right to cut off genitalia in the name of the parents’ religion. Frankly, I can’t see the logic in that, because there is no law in this country mandating that child be of the same religion as its parents. For some, banning what they call male circumcision is like banning the Jewish religion, and yet, female genital mutilation is banned.

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  1. Intact Europe permalink
    March 3, 2014 10:14 pm

    If they want to be circumcised they can choose to be when they are 18. Lad os stå sammen om et forbud mod ikke-medicinsk begrundet omskæring af alle børn under 18 år.

    • Harry permalink
      June 22, 2017 10:24 pm

      In 1947 I was not given the choice of the penis and sex-life I would have, but I made sure that my son would keep the penis he was born with, for as long as he wanted it. (Same for my daughter) At 31 years, he still has a fully funcional penis.

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