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Breastfeeding Woman Arrested for Child Endangerment

March 27, 2014

Here is a story that makes me sick to my stomach. One woman accused another woman of drinking too much while breastfeeding, so a police officers arrest the mother and put her in jail. The allegedly drinking mother had just come from a funeral with a group of family and friends and supposedly had one and half beers. The waitress said that there were mixed drinks on the table and things supposedly got loud, which led the waitress to conclude that the mother was drinking mixed drinks and breastfeeding while drunk.

What is wrong with this story? What is wrong with arresting a woman because she is also a mother and had been drinking. Even if she was drinking, is a mother not allowed to drink alcohol because she has children? It sounds like a patriarchal power play, a presumptuously enacted version of the police and waitress’s obsession with the Madonna/Whore complex.

Note that in this rendition of things, the waitress never admits to having seen the mother consume drinks on the table in front her. So, supposedly sitting near drinks with alcohol is enough to arrest a woman because she is a mother:

After the funeral of a family friend, Adams and her parents stopped for dinner at Gusano’s Restaurant in Conway. Adams also brought her baby, Ana, because the 6-month-old was still nursing at the time.

“We had a pizza, and then we had a big old thing of spinach dip,” Adams said. “Then, I had a beer with that, and then I had another one later on after.”

Over the course of an hour and a half, Adams said she had two beers and nothing more. But when Jackie Conners, an off-duty waitress, showed up early for an after-hours staff meeting, she said she saw something very different that disturbed her.

“They looked like they were having a good time, just drinking,” Conners told “20/20.” “Things started getting louder and louder, and then the baby started getting fussy.”

According to Conners, Adams began to breastfeed Ana, but she wasn’t drinking beer.

“There were several drinks in front of her, about … two or three drinks in front of her already, when I got there,” Conners said. “I watched the bartender make them, looked like Long Islands. But regardless if it was that or not, then it was strong liquor that was in those glasses.”

The charges against the mother were dropped for lack of evidence, but no one mentions the harassment that the woman went through for being accused of drinking when no one could prove she was drunk. So now any woman sitting next to drinks in a restaurant is fair game to arrest and throw in jail on suspicions of child endangerment? Really? Saying the baby is fussy and the room was loud are enough to have police arrest a woman who is also a mother? The waitress was fired, but I really take issue with arresting a woman because she is a mother who happens to be sitting in a loud room next to drinks. Note that the news stories below all support the Madonna/Whore complex in trumpeting that the woman is a drinking mom. So no mother gets to drink a beer? Once you become a mother, you be arrested for going to a place that serves alcohol? Your child can be taken from you because of it? And if a waitress is pissed at you, then the police arrest you? Is this character assassination? Let’s just keep any woman who is a mother locked in a closet. Should she be forced to be accompanied by male relatives? Should she be forced to cover every part of her except her eyes or she can be thrown in jail? Guess that is a reasonable assumption for any woman who might also be a mother living in Arkansas. These Arkansas officers sure sound like religious police to me.



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