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Blurred Lines–Feminist Take For Those Who Want To See Men In Underwear

July 28, 2014

While some may feel that this video takes things too far, I am not sure it takes things far enough. I would have preferred to see the men truly nude. In fact, why not put full male nudity on display like Will Pharell and Robin Thicke did in their rendition of “Blurred Lines.” It’s no surprise that Robin Thicke, a man who blatantly exploited younger women’s breasts to promote himself in a way he was unable to do himself has found himself newly single. Every female partner enjoys misogyny from the men in her life, no? Half-hearted pleas to an audience instead of his wife do not a reconciliation make. (Check out proof of that with the “Arnold” and his numerous affairs.)

Despite it’s disgusting use of women, the song “Blurred Lines” has been played on the radio and has been on “the charts,” demonstrating that to other men, misogyny is, unfortunately, always in style. Personal life aside, Robin Thicke offers nothing attractive in his song to women–how many women like to be serenaded with lyrics like “you the hottest bitch in this place.” Shakespeare he is not, oh that he was and we might have better music.  That said, some women have created a response to “Blurred Lines” that is angry, but not quite vulgar enough for my tastes. See what you think.

I wished it had pushed the envelope further, but it’s a start. What do you think? I think it’s definitely time for some “Defined Lines.” Let’s take the creepy old perv, Robin Thicke, out of the equation, and what do you get?

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