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ISIS In America: ISIS In Michigan: Radical “Cleric” ISIS Supporter Living In Michigan

October 3, 2014

ISIS seems like a problem situated far, far away, in dusty towns and cities with foreign sounding names that have no relevance here in the United States. Turkey, Syria, and other countries are fighting a brutal war, but that doesn’t affect us here in Michigan, or does it? According to media reports, ISIS has arms in Michigan, with a “cleric” who supports ISIS, and a federal felon, living in Michigan and promoting ISIS from Dearborn:

The federal government got a green light to use the “actions necessary” to collect a quarter of a million dollars in restitution owed by a Dearborn cleric who is popular with the Islamic militants who beheaded U.S. journalist James Foley and was banned from local mosques because of his fiery rhetoric.

Ahmad Musa Jibril, 43, (aka Ahmad Jebril) owes $250,000 in restitution and costs related to fraud convictions that landed him in prison for 6½ years,the Detroit Free Press reports. He and his co-defendant father were convicted on 42 counts bank and mail fraud, failure to pay income tax and money laundering.

Losses from their scheme, which involved deliberately vandalizing their rental properties so they could collect insurance money, amounted to $400,000.

Since his release from the federal prison at Terre Haute, IN, in March 2012, Jibril has made only a small $2,790 dent in the obligation, the government said at a hearing earlier this month.

So why the money laundering? Seems like a way to funnel money to the terrorist groups he supports. It’s a sobering thought that radicals here in Michigan are funding fighters in Syria and Iraq, with the express purpose of using Facebook to recruit more militants.

Details about Jibril’s criminal past and growing influence as a cheerleader for ISIS were among those included in a report released in April by researchers at the Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence at King’s College in London. The researchers – three security experts affiliated – concluded after their year-long study that “social media represents an essential source of information and inspiration” to militants, and the conflict in Syria may be the first in history in “in which a large number of western fighters have been documenting their involvement in conflict in real-time.”

The researchers’ findings about Jibril’s growing international following among radical Muslims were troubling enough to prompt the government to ask U.S. District Judge Gerald Rosen in June to restrict Jibril’s travel to eastern Michigan. He also must turn over his computer if asked to do so by his probation officer, according to Rosen’s ruling…

The pioneering study from the King’s College researchers offers telling anecdotes about Jibril’s prominence in radical Islam politics and suspicion aimed at him from the United States.

The researchers cited federal prosecutors’ special memorandum filed at the time of Jibril’s sentencing, including details about a radical web site Jibril operated at the time that “contained a library of fanatically anti-American sermons by militant Islamic clerics.”

Lectures “turned into angry rants about Western crimes against Muslims and he peppered his talk with invectives against Shi’a Muslims and called on God to turn Jewish children into orphans.”

The government also said Jibril sent a fax to CNN in 1996 claiming responsibility for the Kohbar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia, warning of “a series of bombings that will follow no matter how many lives of ours are taken.”…

Within 13 days of his March 2012 release from Terre Haute federal prison, Jibril began Tweeting support for Syrian rebels, The Guardian said.

During the next two years, he developed a strong social media following, his popularity “particularly strong among groups like ISIS,” according to the researchers. More than half of the militants they surveyed who either liked his Facebook page or followed him on Twitter were also affiliated with ISIS.

According to media reports the Dearborn based cleric was dismissed from two mosques for being offensive; however, it hasn’t seemed to stop him from encouraging fighters online.



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