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I Know Why Katie Perry Fell In Love With Russell Brand Because I Love Him Too: Intelligence on Renee Zellweger

October 28, 2014

I always wondered why Katy Perry fell in love with Russell Brand, or even if she had, because celebrity marriages so often seem removed from real life. It’s as if in a celebrity marriage, one wonders if you do fight over leaving the toilet seat up, if someone has to work around sharing items over which people pick fights, such as a car or cleaning the house. We imagine that the excess of money in a relationship relieves the burden of fighting over how to hang a picture, whom has put away the dishes, and whatever else two people might disagree over when they share a living space. Perhaps extra money, we imagine, relieves them of the realities of life as we know it, of the emotional import of things that we plebes argue about but also immediately relate to as part of a “real marriage.” After all, how many toothpaste fights have been depicted between married couples on sitcoms? Perhaps it’s fights over toothpaste that give a relationship real depth, fights over money, fights over sharing things, space, etc. that people with a plethora of money and therefore things and space don’t argue about, ergo then don’t engage in “real relationships.”

The reason I always wondered, myself, about the Russell Brand/Katy Perry marriage was because of their appearances, namely that she took infinite care with hers to present a perfect pout, and he seemed to take very little care with his. One wonders if this purely visual discrepancy relates in any way to their relationship. We are, after all, hugely visual beings, with our eyes taking up almost half of our heads. Maybe it did, maybe it didn’t, and who is really to say but them after all, but not much surprise when they split after all because we “saw” it coming.

So what is the allure of Russell Brand if he refuses to primp for Hollywood cameras? Maybe it is his refusal, or maybe it’s his brain. Maybe this man has a brain behind his refusal to primp. And lo and behold, he does. It’s a brain over which I am gushing at the moment. He speaks about Renee Zellweger in a way that is practical and smart. He takes on the cattiness of a woman’s appearance documentary and calls it out for what it is, meanness.

We have all heard the speculation regarding Renee’s appearance at some recent event, namely speculation that she has had plastic surgery, for which I wasn’t sure if we were supposed to applaud or attack. No matter, the media had plenty to say about it so my advice went unsolicited; however, Russell Brand put the media in a new light that is worth watching. Sure, it’s a bit long for our quick sound bite of the internet world, but that’s because he take apart multiple media commentaries. Watch it. It’s worth it, and I think I am in love with Russell Brand now. See if maybe you are, too.

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  1. October 29, 2014 4:13 pm

    I loved this episode of Trews. Did you see the Fox News one – brilliant. I love what he is doing at the moment with his attacks on exaggerated media and politicians.

    • brokeharvardgrad permalink*
      October 30, 2014 1:36 pm

      I haven’t watched all of it, but I did read the article, and Russell Brand is certainly taking politicians to task. It’s incredible. Thank you for pointing it out for me. I really enjoyed it.

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