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JLo And Iggy Azalea Don’t Have To Work That Hard At Big Booty

October 28, 2014

Strangely enough this song starts with a Huggies ad, a diapers bit follows the big booty dance floor bliss? Cracks me up.

Ok, here’s what I like: the belly dance riff, the fact that both women are secure enough to dance together simulating sex, the fact that women are talking about big booties.

What do I hate? The list is longer than the likes:

Jlo and Iggy Azalea are both incredibly talented women, so why do they have to advertise that they apparently know how to pose for rear-entry sex? When do the men have to do the work? JLo is over 40 and still hasn’t figured out to promote herself any other way than by demonstrating she knows how to be dominated in a sexual video? Just sad. Come on, JLo, you did better in the Love Ya Papi video. I will post that below.

“It’s his birthday; give him what he asks for?”–for real? Give him what he asks for, as if women only enjoy sex if a man asks for it, or it’s something to withhold because men only like it? Seems strange to have a premise like this when the whole video is about women and sexuality

JLo just has to show ass in order to sell a song? She has 10 albums out and she still has to focus on her ass only? How many ass shots are there in comparison to face shots? More ass shots than face shots…

This video looks more like a porn shoot than a commentary on music. Music, what music? There was music? Just water dripping off of female asses bumping one another for male pleasure. Fake orgasm, parted lips, no music needed. It’s not about the music. Never was.


JLo offers a better take on male objectification on the video, and while the “I love ya Papi” is no feminist manifesto, it’s infinitely better than showing her ass more than her face.


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