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Clitoris Ring Worn By Gloria Steinam: Artist Says It’s A Talisman for Extraordinary Orgasms

March 11, 2015

Who knew that the clitoris has an internal and external manifestation?? Gloria Steinam, that’s who!

OMG I just met Gloria Steinem! So I gave her this gift. My friends just made this ring which represents…. disclaimer: it’s about to get graphic y’all – the internal clitoris. Raise your hand if you have any idea how actually massive the clitoris is? The little nubbin we are all so familiar with is just the tip, the full thing carries on well inside the body and is quite huge. Who knew? Turns out basically nobody did, till like the 90’s. So anyhow @penelopijones have made a ring which anatomically maps the beauty in it’s entirety – and when I found myself at a table with Gloria Steinem I took mine right off my finger and gave it to her. Thanks lady hero!

 Want to see Gloria Steinam wear the ring? Click here:

According to a Huff Post article, the clitoris is much larger than we thought:

Caledonia Curry, an artist also known as “Swoon” who founded the Heliotrope Foundation community for artists, shared a photo on her Instagram account of Steinem wearing the “Clitoring” made by Penelopijones jewelry. The ring is an anatomically correct rendering of the clitoris, which is actually much larger in size than most people realize. (It measures between 3 1/2 and 5 inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide on average.)

Want to see the ring? Want to order the ring? Go to:

Penolopi has this to say about the ring she crafted:

What is that, a dragon fly? 
This provocative little anatomical form, mysterious yet oddly familiar, is a subtly stylized representation of a thing we all know, yet may know surprisingly little about. Until very recently both science and culture have misunderstood and often ignored all but the very tip of it. Our ring, like the anatomical renderings in the header, illustrate the newly rediscovered internal structure of the clitoris. The sensitive little button at the top of a woman’s vagina is apparently just the tip of the iceberg. What lies beneath the surface is vastly more complex and fascinating. It contains eight thousand nerve endings at the tip that permeate through this greater internal structure, then connect to fifteen thousand more, suggesting that even vaginal orgasms are technically “clitoral.” Over a lifetime a clitoris will increase in sensitivity and size seven times. The “wings,” called the bulbs of the vestibule hug the vaginal canal, composed of erectile tissue, they become swollen during arousal.  The two “arms,” the crura form a wishbone-like shape. We like to think of them as a tuning fork, a device for sending and receiving vibrational energy, possibly for exploring the resonant structure of the universe.

PenelopiJones has hand crafted these jewelry objects as a fun and elegant conversation piece to help you illustrate to your lovers and friends a greater understanding of the miraculous structure of the internal clitoris.  May it serve you as a talisman for extraordinary orgasms!

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