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Model With A 6-Pack Gives BIrth to 8 Pound Boy-Body Shaming Abounds

April 17, 2015

A model who sported an impressive set of abs during pregnancy was maligned by online viewers because of the way her body looked during pregnancy. People commented that the baby would not be born healthy, that the woman was sick, that the baby was sick, that there were problems, and those were just the comments that I personally read. Turns out, the baby boy born to this mother weighed over 8 pounds at birth, no shrinking violet despite his mother’s striking abdominal muscles.

Sarah Stage was criticized for her Instagram pictures, but still delivered a healthy baby.

Of course the majority of her pictures during pregnancy have the evocative open-mouthed, sort of panting look, complete with bra and undies that sort of make me want to puke, but her abs are impressive. I say I want to puke, not because of the woman’s body but the presentation of such a body in a single manner, and that is one designed to simulate sex rather than just show its beauty. Why does she have to make the image look as if she is in the middle of a passive, sexual moment when she has enough beauty to just be herself? It’s an affect that I dislike, but the body image itself is beautiful.

The NYTimes has an article about the birth and body image bit here:

Most women’s abdominal muscles separate with the growth of their babies, but Sarah Stage’s did not–is that really a reason to criticize her?

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