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Pregnant Women Are Not Public Property: Bethany Hamilton Told Not To Surf, More Pregnancy Body Shaming

April 22, 2015

You may remember Bethany Hamilton as the woman who lost an arm to a shark attack while surfing. She has been surfing since the loss of her arm, and she is pregnant now and still surfing. Never leave an opportunity to lecture a pregnant woman on the publicity of her body when she is carrying her own child I always say, or is that every other man in the media? Tough to tell, but there is are plenty of bashers who talk about how Hamilton shouldn’t be surfing.

Hamilton did say she modified her usually intense moves — beach sprints, explosive squats, stair-climbing — when she got pregnant. But she’s still on the spin bike, and gets counsel from a holistic health pro.

And the surfer — who announced her pregnancy in a video last month with husband Adam Dirks — says she has every intention to stay up on the board “as long as I can.”

“Once the belly’s pretty big, maybe (I’ll) just mellow it out and spend more time swimming and enjoying the ocean,” she added.

Preferably not too much time though: Pregnant women should only work out for 30 minutes a day, Roshan said.

“You don’t want to exhaust yourself (so) more blood will go to the baby,” Roshan said.

Never mind that no woman I know has only 30 minutes a day of activity. We don’t and haven’t been able to lead lives of leisure upon the acquisition of a positive pregnancy test. “More blood” to “go to the baby” nonsense, WHAT?? That sentence doesn’t even make sense, but it has been put out there by a so-called medical “professional.” Good Lord, you can’t even tell what someone is trying to lecture you about, much less do anything about it. Hello, the woman was partially eaten by a shark, lost her arm, and she keeps surfing. Pregnancy just may not scare her as much as it scares everyone else.

Here is her baby announcement here:

As if more pregnant women need body shaming to help them along. Remember Sarah Stage who maintained her abs throughout her pregnancy and was criticized for it?

How about surfing during pregnancy? Her baby, her body, period.

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