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“Dreamy” “Burly” “Alarmingly Handsome” Swedish Cops Break Up Bloody FIght on NY Subway

April 25, 2015

When one homeless man on a NY subway started beating up another homeless man, the train conductor put out a call for “any police” on the train to assist. To the rescue, four vacationing Norwegian police officers who were headed to Les Miserables. The officers have been called “dreamy” by one news outlet, and another called them “alarmingly handsome.”

US news website Mashable called the blond-haired Swedes “alarmingly handsome” and gushed breathlessly that they “look more like Scandinavian models than police officers.”

Another report of the officers’ good looks:

Four burly Swedish police officers were hailed as heroes and set hearts aflutter with their model-like looks after they put aside their New York vacation to subdue a bloody fight.

Sounds like Americans’ are gushing over the Swedes in more ways than one…


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