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Doctor Sued After He Cuts A Woman’s Vagina Without Her Permission: A Pregnant Woman Is NOT Public Property

May 1, 2015

It’s such a common thing for doctors to behave with violence toward a laboring woman that many people don’t even respond to a doctor’s violent actions against a woman’s vagina. In fact, a recent Yahoo article called “birth violence” a new term; however, there has been the term “birth rape,” that has been around for a quite a while, and it’s not a new concept at all. One woman who received an episiotomy without her consent, when a doctor cut her vagina 12 times, is suing that physician. She got the money from crowd funding, and she is suing for assault and battery, hooray! It’s time for the violence against women to stop.

Other women feel the same way; they want to stop violence against women, even if it is perpetrated by physicians.

Improving Birth stresses that Kelly had not intended to file a lawsuit, but, says Pascucci, “She was in mental anguish, physical pain, and will most likely have permanent damage.” Still, she had first complained repeatedly to the hospital and to the state medical board, but had been “ignored and placated,” according to Thompson. That’s when Kelly posted her video online, seeking input on whether she was mistreated and whether it was a case worth pursuing. It drew an outpouring of support and anger, with suggestions to sue.

But that’s easier said than done. First, there’s the issue of money for a lawsuit, which has so far been addressed with a Crowd Rise campaign, mounted by Improving Birth, that’s raised more than $8,600 as of Wednesday. “For all of us who received an unwanted episiotomy or any other intervention. Thank you for standing up for us! May this be the beginning to the end of obstetric violence,” wrote one of many supporters along with her donation.

The hard part now is convincing lawyers that a woman’s vagina is her own and worth protecting. Many people believe that once a woman becomes pregnant, she is public property, her body becomes public property “for the good of the baby.”

But even still, she notes, “A big cultural belief is that childbirth is damaging by definition… So many lawyers, just like many other people, will say, ‘Well, you’ve got your healthy baby.’”

Hopefully this case will help convince people that pregnant women’s bodies aren’t public property and they shouldn’t be subjected to assaults against their genitals just because they are pregnant. A woman and her baby are one body, so why would hurting the mom not hurt the baby?

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