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U.S.Women Abused While Birthing Their Babies Speak Out: Birth Trauma –US Abysmal Place To Give BIrth, Safer to Give BIrth in Albania

July 10, 2015

It’s about time hospitals started recognizing women have rights, even if they are giving birth. Medical professionals often act like they own women’s bodies and their babies, threaten to call the police, and threaten with all sorts of things while assaulting women with s0-called procedures that women don’t agree to. Now, there is a photo essay of women who are speaking out about Birth Trauma, how mothers in the U.S. are injured.

Lest you think that the U.S. is just doing what is necessary to save lives, consider that among developed countries, the US ranks 55th in safety rates for mothers globally. Between 1990 and 2008, maternal mortality rates nearly doubled. That means twice as many women died from childbirth complications or medical complications during childbirth even with the advent of “advanced” medical care. Other countries saw their maternal mortality rates drop 34%, and ours rose 200% in that time frame. Over half of those deaths are preventable, according to the article quoted above. Arguably if other countries’ rates of maternal mortality decreased 34%while the US increased 200%, more than half are preventable. The US is an abysmal place to give birth compared other countries. In the US, “near-misses” or times that medical care related to childbirth that caused women to almost die or be mortally injured ROSE 27% between 1998 and 2005.

What happened between 1995-2008 that made maternal mortality rates rise 200% and caused injury rates to jump 27%? From 1998-2006, rates of medical and surgical birth interventions jumped 56%, resulting in a deadly medical experiment on American women that caused the deaths of 200% more women. Except, and here is the kicker, the medical establishment doesn’t acknowledge this–they say there is no causal link between rates of medical interventions and women dying in exponential numbers in the US during childbirth and postpartum periods. 29 states in the US don’t even track maternal deaths, meaning they don’t even mention that women die in childbirth, just that the women died, which means that the 200% increase that has been proven hasn’t even begun to scratch the surface of how many women die from childbirth related complications that aren’t tracked in almost half the states in the nations. Those 200% increase in mama deaths don’t even measure the total number of women dying in childbirth in the US.

Consider that it is safer to give birth in Vietnam or Albania than in the United States. Time to talk about birth trauma. Time to talk about women and their choices, because when it is left to the medical profession, women are dying in record numbers.

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