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Give Ray Rice A “Second Chance”?: “I Don’t Believe We Are Dealing With A Healthy Person Here…”vs. Banning Pete Rose For Life For Playing With Money

August 4, 2015

Ray Rice was publicized for punching his now-wife in the face, knocking her out, spitting on her, and then dragging her body out of an elevator pretending he didn’t know what happened. Ray Rice’s punch cost him $13million, but that didn’t mean that the NFL sees things that way,

You can watch the video in the link I provide above, and then ask yourself if a man who punches a woman in the face, spits on her, and then pretends that she was drunk and passed out in order to drag her body out doesn’t show signs of sociopathic behavior (sociopathic: without a conscience or empathy for others). He punches her in the face seemingly without emotion and covers up the crime the way sociopaths do, without emotion. Then, he claims he needs a second chance to make millions in a sport that glamorizes violence. Voila! Life is perfect again…

Or, is it something about American society that supports battering of women over, say deflating a football ala Tom Brady who was suspended for 4 game vs. Rice suspension of 2 games or Ray Rice Punch To A Woman’s Face vs. Pete Rose ban for life over money. What are we saying here? NFL runs a highly funded prison program? Hitting a woman doesn’t count? Yes to both?

A domestic violence organization director speaks out about the value of women in national sports:

“Sometimes it takes years for a batterer to change their behavior. And from what we witnessed in that particular incident, I’m just not convinced that what we have is a healthy person,” Glenn added.

Glenn said that pattern batterers — a group of abusers within which Rice appears to fit —  need to have an assessment and evaluation to determine the type and length of treatment they need, followed by constant revisitations. That’s a process that can take as many as three years.

Neither Gandy nor Glenn felt Rice should be automatically turned away for life. But, they did believe the same timelines that apply to normal abusers should apply to Rice.

Gandy, in particular, asked that people put what Rice did in perspective by referring to another disgraced former professional athlete: Pete Rose, a man who has been banned from baseball for decadesnot for hitting a woman, but for playing with money.

Said Gandy: “It might tell you something about how our society views violence against women compared to how it views gambling.”

Why not ban Rice for life? Why do we all have to play at being nice to a man who punched his wife in the face? Oh, we can give him a second chance? What?? Are we as a society just acting like the abused wife? We give him another chance because we turn the abuser into the victim instead of the woman abused?

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