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Kim Davis Is Removed From Marriage License Forms: Gay Couples Got Married In Rowan County KY

September 9, 2015

In a bit of a genius move, the judge that sentenced Kim Davis to jail for refusing to follow Supreme Court mandates, chose a long weekend to incarcerate Kim Davis for also defying the local federal court’s order that Rowan County must comply with the Federal Supreme Court’s decision to allow gay couples to get married. Kim Davis was released, and since she is an elected official that can’t be removed from office, Rowan County simply removed Kim Davis’s name from marriage license forms and allowed deputy clerks to sign the marriage licenses.

Kim Davis attorneys have said the marriage licenses aren’t legal because her name isn’t on them, while other experts claim that since deputy clerks are allowed to issue licenses, the licenses are legal, period.

Under state law, deputy clerks may issue licenses and perform other duties just as elected clerks can, said Allison Connelly, director of the University of Kentucky’s Legal Clinic. “I think that that’s really immaterial,” Connelly said of Davis’ name not appearing on the licenses.

Kim Davis may have just jailed herself out of relevance. Why have a clerk causing trouble when it’s so easy to just sidestep her religious side show? The law doesn’t say that ONLY an elected clerk may sign a license, so if deputy clerks can issue a license, then the elected clerk can do her job, or not, as the elected populace allows.



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