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Playboy Is Finally Growing Up: No More Nudes In Magazine

October 13, 2015

It’s telling when the chief content officer compares his feelings as a 12-year old with the concept of focusing on editorial content instead of using nude women to sell magazines. Playboy Magazine has decided to grow up.

Hugh Hefner, the publication’s founder and editor-in-chief, agreed with the decision, which was conceived by Playboy chief content officer Cory Jones.

“Don’t get me wrong… 12-year-old me is very disappointed in current me. But it’s the right thing to do,” Jones told the Times.

It could be argued that growing up is good for everyone, as in a 12 million new readers a month good, oh, and that most adults read online while at work:

The magazine will debut a “PG-13” redesign in March. While no naked bodies will be featured, models in suggestive poses are still in — similar to content that’s already flooding the brand’sInstagram feed. Jones said it remains undecided if centerfolds will continue to appear in the magazine.

The publication’s website adopted a safe-for-work look last August when it stopped posting nude photos online in order to draw a wider readership. According to executives, Playboy saw a 12-million leap in monthly unique users after the strategy change.


I have read Playboy, before removal of the pictures, and while there were articles detailing men’s grooming products, some articles about things like the anatomy farts (uppermost in everyone’s minds), and more about intense-drama driven attempts to assuage the apparently fragile male ego in white male dominated “literature” (yes, calling out you, Hemingway, Steinbeck and other misogynists), the concept that the articles merited more than laughter was surprising.

Cory Jones, I have to hand it to you, expecting men to behave like, well, adults who view women as more than objects. I suppose I should check out the new Playboy articles. Apparently Jezebel hailed an article published in Playboy about campus sexual assault. What? Playboy assumes women have brains and want them to actually purchase the magazine? I will never believe it, but Jezebel asserts it:

There’s also a probable interest in trying to continue to gain readership among women; the magazine has clearly courted that market with features on “women’s issues” like college sexual assault or Gamergate.

Wait, I like thought that sexual assault was an everyone issue, not just a women’s issue… Jezebel? Do you have this wrong? Comparing coverage of campus rape with Gamergate as a “women’s issue,” and now who sounds like the bigot?

It’s a tough game when exploiting women just isn’t profitable anymore.

And as CEO Scott Flanders told the Times, they’re acutely aware of how cutthroat it is out there in the media landscape, and who their competitors are—one could argue that’s entirely what’s driving this decision. “The difference between us and Vice,” Flanders said, “is that we’re going after the guy with a job.”

Yep, going for the work crowd that might read articles at a desk and can actually, gasp, pay for them. I checked out the website, and I found articles about Black Lives Matter, a story about campus rape, how there is a movie being made about Volkswagon emissions (shocking) and lots of ads for Vitaminwater. Of course, this selection will most likely change in the next two minutes when someone re-loads the page, but it seems like dumbed down “news” for people with a lowered reading level than the newspapers suggest.

Perhaps Playboy will prove its articles have real merit, but as the saying goes: “we all have to grow up someday.” High time, Playboy. High time. I think I like the manly side of you…

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