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It’s Good To Be A Man and Xes and Oes By Elle King

October 14, 2015

So, maybe you noticed the camo, or the tongue in cheek hat, or maybe the impregnating of young women, but while Elle King is being lauded for her song Xes and Oes, complete with impressive man candy and some toffee-colored abs, don’t miss her earlier work in the form of a stinging critique of back woods male culture in “It’s Good To Be A Man.”

Elle King is a bit of Janis Joplin, that gravelly “Bobby McGee” is one of my favorites, with a similar sound in “It’s Good To Be A Man,” a stripped down version, almost acoustic.

I like the “Xes and Oes” song, too. You shouldn’t miss that either. A little double entendre, a bit of a poke at wanting to come and never leave, coming back for more (don’t we all have those issues). She is dolled up in this video, smoothed over, and sounding kind of like Cage the Elephant, “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” with a tweak to the timing. Elle’s is a bit more bareback, but haunting and wonderful.



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