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“But When People Get Angry They Do Crazy Things”: Muslim Youth On The ISIS Attacks in Paris

November 17, 2015

Muslim youth, when contacted in Paris about the recent spate of attacks that left 129 Parisians dead state that “when people get angry they do crazy things,” so the short and succinct phrase encompasses all that is wrong and dangerous with the allure of jihad, that being angry is reason enough to kill people.

Most advanced societies no longer employ systems of purely vigilante law enforcement, nor do they endorse the tribal method of allowing killings to satisfy family feuds, so part of what is truly alarming about the statement the Muslim youth made is that anger is justification for killing, killing innocent people, declaring war, bombings, murder. What is sociopathic about that? The fact that emotional responses, only in the person evaluating his or her judiciousness, are justification for any kind of violence and mass murder the person feels is appropriate. If a person is angry, murder is justified. There is no concept of evaluating any other person’s impact from violence. It’s a self-centered approach, a lack of empathy that makes it sociopathic.

Is this emblematic of war-torn countries? That people who are so scarred by war become desensitized to death? But the journalists in the Independent UK naively mention a repeated lack of jobs and racism, as if that pathetic attempt to understand a sociopathic mindset can explain that which they can’t translate.

Were those who had returned from Syria and killed 129 people in Paris martyrs? There was an uncomfortable silence, shuffling of feet, the enormity of what happened on Friday appeared to have made them less vocal than after the Charlie Hebdo murders. “No, of course not, that was very wrong,” said Yasin, 18, and unemployed like Rachid.

Unemployment is not cause for murder. “Disenfranchised” doesn’t explain the concept that anger allows people to kill one another. The justification is that “good people, good Muslims” kill people.

“They are good people who go, good Muslims; they go to fight for God, they are prepared to be martyrs for their beliefs,” said Rachid. 20.

It’s dangerous to assume that simply giving jobs is enough to prevent jihad. Even the parents of terrorists don’t know what made their child a terrorist, a mass murderer. One man’s father says his son did have money, jobs, a “fantastic life” and still can’t understand why his son became a terrorist:

Omar Abaaoud added that he was horrified his son had contemplated attacks in Belgium, a country which had been good to his family. Mr Abaaoud said he came to Belgium to work in a mine 40 years ago. He prospered. “We have climbed the ladder. I received this clothing store and I had also bought one for Abdelhamid. We had a nice life, yes, even a fantastic life here. Abdelhamid was not a difficult child and had become a good trader.”

His father said things changed dramatically in 2013 when his son suddenly left for Syria. “I asked myself every day why he was radicalised to the point,” adding that he did not know the answer.

The man’s son who had a “fantastic life” is the mastermind behind the attacks in Paris that left 129 people dead. Whining about how the youth don’t have jobs isn’t going to fix extremist beliefs. Would it be nice if everyone had enough work and money? Yes, but note that the men interviewed for the Independent article were unemployed, but they weren’t implicated in the terrorist attacks, the man with the “fantastic life,” whose family is devastated, orchestrated the deaths of 129 Parisians.



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