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Men With Mustaches Outnumber Women In Medical Leadership Roles

December 30, 2015

Men with mustaches in leadership positions are rarer, but even rarer still, the unicorn of the medical world, is the woman in a leadership position in the medical world. An actual study was performed to see how many women were in leadership positions in the medical field, and the sad answer is: hardly any. Mustachioed men outnumber women in leadership in medicine:

…mustaches — while increasingly rare, with the researchers citing reports that less than 15 percent of men in the United States sport such facial hair — still outnumber women in positions of medical power.

Believe it? Yes, a study was done to determine just how few women were in leadership positions, and the results are in: women just don’t get to lead in the field of medicine.

The cross-sectional analysis of medical leaders was published by researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, Berkeley Law, and the University of California San Francisco. The researchers point out that women were once scarce in medical schools, but have made up about half of most classes for long enough that positions of leadership at health institutions should be looking a little more diverse by now. But in the world of U.S. academic medicine, just 38 percent of full-time faculty, 21 percent of full professors, and 16 percent of deans are women.

“Moustachioed individuals significantly outnumber women as leaders of medical departments in the US,” the researchers conclude in the study. “We believe that every department and institution should strive for a mustache index ≥1.”

At least someone is looking at the numbers!


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