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6 “Casually Sexist” Things Said To Women At Work: Casually Sexist?

January 5, 2016

I didn’t know there were grades of sexism, or in this case, outright misogyny, but apparently calling it “casual” seems to soften the blow for people who say things like: “I’m not sexist, but…” So, when I see a news outlet putting out an article about what not to say, I pay attention, and for the record, there is no casual in the  sexism in the following comments:

  1. You probably won’t come back to work after the baby is born.
  2. Jane, can you take notes. (asking women to take notes instead of men)
  3. “Girl” or “girls (Do you hear people say that the “boys” are at lunch?)
  4. You need to soften your emails or take a gentler approach. (Never. Ever. Conditioned in men.)
  5. “Office Mom” (Anyone named “Office Dad” of the year?)
  6. The pretty new assistant. (How many people call men pretty?)

So, do you think it’s casual (I just typed in causal, as in a Freudian slip?) to refer to grown female workforce members as “girls” or to refer to people by their looks? I don’t think it’s casual at all, but at least it’s getting mentioned. Yay, 2016, for at least referencing chauvinism in the workplace!



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