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Judge Sides With Cop Who Told Woman She Had To Model Lingerie To Escape Charge–Wolfson Wins Asshole of the Week Award

January 22, 2016

Don’t women matter? Apparently a judge in Edison doesn’t think so. The judge gave a cop who mandated a woman take off her clothes for him in order to not charge her with marijuana possession his job back, saying the officer would suffer otherwise. That’s rich, because the only one suffering in that scenario is the woman the cop extorted for sexual favors.

Superior Court Judge Douglas Wolfson denied the town’s request to give Officer Sarni full pay and benefits if he agreed to stay home.

“To say that today’s ruling outraged the township’s administration and the police command staff, who have made it crystal clear they will not tolerate ‘reprehensible and deplorable’ conduct from municipal employees, would be an understatement,” township labor attorney Allan Roth said in a statement, according to

Officer Sarni had been sent to the Extended Stay America hotel in the 2012 incident in response to a complaint about a fire extinguisher sprayed under a guest’s door.

He saw marijuana in the woman’s room, which he allowed her to flush down the toilet, according to a complaint she sent to the police. Eyeing a Victoria’s Secret bag nearby, he asked her to model lingerie for him, and suggested her fate “was in his hands,” she told cops.

Sarni eventually admitted that he went back to her room at 2 a.m. and asked her to model the lingerie for him, but not after initially telling a different story to investigators.

When Officer Sarni later started texting and calling her, she contacted authorities. The officer was eventually charged with lying to investigators and fired.

However, earlier this month Judge Wolfson said the town waited too long to pursue charges against Sarni, according to While the judge called Officer Sarni’s alleged behavior “deplorable and entirely unacceptable,” he said he could not be fired for it, according to

Funny that, sexual extortion from a cop isn’t a firing offense? Say what? Since when? Apparently in New Jersey.

“Judge” Wolfson wins the Asshole of the Week Award.

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