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Men Show More Gender Bias Than Women Even When Women Outsmart Them

February 12, 2016

A new study published in PLOS ONE proved that once again, a lot of gender bias stems from men, not women. Even when women’s grades are higher than men’s, the men assume that all men are smarter, just because of the penis addition.

Published this week in the journal PLOS ONE, the study* found that males enrolled in undergraduate biology classes consistently ranked their male classmates as more knowledgeable about course content, even over better-performing female students.

The over-ranking equated to males ranking their male peers smarter by three-quarters of a GPA point* than their equally-performing female classmates, showing what researchers say amounts to a clear and consistent gender bias. Female students, on the other hand, repeatedly showed no significant bias in whom they picked as knowledgeable.

While it’s not surprise that gender discrimination is evident in undergrad classes, it is a surprise that researchers are still questioning gender bias. In an article published in Nature in December 2015, a woman named Meg Urry calls upon men and women to “try harder” to overcome gender discrimination, but trying harder isn’t something that women need to do. Men need to “try harder” or simply be reconditioned. Gender discrimination is real. The question is: what can be done about gender discrimination that is completely based on men’s outdated modes of valuing women?

If peer support is necessary for women to perform, then how are women to move ahead in a field in which men ultimately believe they are smarter because they have a penis. In the study, all other factors being equal, men simply believed that they were smarter than women, with no scientific data to back it up. For a field of emerging scientists, this is is pretty damaging that chauvinism determines a scientists future more so than research.

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