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NC Republican Governor Tells Caitlin Jenner To Use Men’s Showers Talks Being Shunned For It

October 13, 2016

The worst thing in the world is when you involve the little wife in politics. I mean, why be the big bad Republican man in politics if not to keep the wife where she belongs? North Carolina Governor Mc Crory says the worst part of the shunning received for signing HB2 into law, that bit about how you have to go to the bathroom based on your birth certificate, is that people shun his wife, too. Women should be protected, sheltered, and allowed to attend any fundraiser their husband deems fit, no matter what he says.

Mc Crory says that people are just mean about his political views. He is so polite when he tells those faggots to use the bathroom God gave them, or the genitals, or the gender, or whatever, but those people, THOSE people are mean.

“It’s almost like the George Orwell book ‘1984’,” he said. “If you disagree with Big Brother or you go against the thought police, you will be purged. And you will disappear.”

▪ “My wife, for example, in Charlotte – she primarily stays in Charlotte,” he said. “She’s been disinvited to charity events. Basically, they call her up and say, ‘You better not come. You better not come.…

“My wife and I … we’re being shunned for a political disagreement, a values disagreement.”

▪ “I listen to the other side … And I say, ‘I respectfully disagree with you’,” he said. “They do not say that to me, I wave to them with five fingers. They wave back with one. And it’s personal. It’s death threats. Last week, I was verbally assaulted by a 21-year-old drunk student. She was arrested.”

▪ “Everyone says, ‘Gosh, you must have thick skin.’ I don’t have thin skin. I just hide it.”

▪ “It was the liberals that became the bathroom police, not conservatives,” he said. “They passed an ordinance on private sector employers that said, if you don’t recognize gender identity and gender expression – two issues which I had never heard of – we will fine you.”

▪ McCrory said he’s been called a bigot. “I’m the farthest thing from a bigot,” he said. “I love everyone and I’m going to treat everyone equally. I want to treat people who are transgender – I want to hug ’em and say I love ’em. But I don’t agree with the concept of redefining gender. That is a major societal change.”

ARGH, people I never heard of because I live under a very white male Republican rock want to control my thoughts!! The horror. The horror. Or something like that, because he doesn’t know the issues, doesn’t understand them, doesn’t agree with “major societal change,” except that brought about by the 1950’s as opposed to say the 1920’s, he feels that “passing an ordinance on private sector employees” that doesn’t allow discrimination is illegal. Well, except he doesn’t want people in the public sector to choose their bathroom either, so he will use his power position to tell people where to pee, and then all hell breaks loose and people don’t want to be around him. Who would’ve thunk?
There are the arguments like, America was built on major societal change–overthrowing a monarchy and its societal structure, for instance. One could argue, as I always do, that when you get into peoples’ pants in politics, you have strayed too far, or that maybe we could all use some more privacy in the bathroom or shower, as opposed to making that a public sphere, and then maybe these arguments would go away. But, that would be too rational, and I prefer to focus on the shunning, of his wife, in particular.
It’s reminiscent of the whole Bush-Trump-Pussy-Fest, whereby men get to openly discuss sexual assault, and other men say they care because they have a wife or daughters–it’s not about gender but about what is right and wrong. Men shouldn’t disagree with advocating sexual assault against people because it’s wrong, not just because they love a person of the female gender. Governor McCrory should be upset that shunning happens, not people involved his little woman.
Then again, I can’t say I wouldn’t shun someone who says what did, nor can I say I disagree with staying away from people who advocate discrimination, because life is hard enough as it is without hanging out with someone who gets their kicks from tearing people down according to which bathroom they use. This isn’t about gender either though, it’s about being able to go to the bathroom without a genital inspection, a human right, not a gender-based right.
In fact, according to McCrory, that evildoer group, the Human Rights Council, just wants to make life tough for the God-fearing, mother-loving, good ole Southern bigots:

McCrory told the group that he’s also experienced political blow-back that he said was orchestrated by the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest LGBT advocacy group.

He described companies that say, “Although you’ve been an outstanding governor, we still cannot support you because HRC will attack us,” he recalled. “And I’ve had at least five this week tell me that. Good friends. Very good friends. ‘Pat, I love ya. I love ya man, we’ll be friends for life. We just can’t support you.”

Okay, okay, guess he didn’t call them mother-loving, because that would mean something nice about women beyond protecting them. Okay, so maybe he didn’t exactly say that, but he did say HRC will attack. Poor little member of the Old White Man’s Club, even Trump is having trouble now that those pesky things like human rights get brought up.
According to Peacock Panache, here is a report of McCrory’s Trump support, advocating that talking about sexually assaulting women is as simple as using the word hell, as opposed to a criminal act. McCrory apparently loves himself some sexual predator by the boatload, too.
ThinkProgress provided a great break-down here:
  • He defended Donald Trump, saying he “needs to have his mouth washed out with soap,” but his actions are no worse than Hillary Clinton’s lying.
  • He also called Trump a “role model” because of the strong positions he takes on issues, like the supposed “threat” of Syrian refugees entering the country.
  • When asked about the Black Lives Matter movement, he responded that “all lives should matter” and defended the “pressure” that police officers are under every day when they “leave their families not knowing if they’re coming back.”
  • When asked about Clinton’s comments that police have to overcome implicit bias, McCrory said that biases are “tools that police use to determine what action to take,” endorsing racial profiling.
  • He also defended North Carolina’s discriminatory voter ID law, claiming, “If ID is good enough for Sudafed, I think it’s good enough for the people of North Carolina to vote” — a comparison between access to a controlled substance and access to a constitutional right.
Constitutional rights, human rights, vague concepts for McCrory, but money, hey, those queer folk are costing him money. He gets that! And, some people say they don’t want his wife around because he is such an asshole. He gets that. Rights outside of white male dominance? He doesn’t even know about that.

Tom Hanks sums these arguments up best, the fact that he just finds the Trump arguments wrong, and it’s a welcome reprieve from advocating rape culture like McCrory seems to like to do.

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