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Science Proves Link Between Sexism and Trump Supporters

November 4, 2016

Trump/Misogyny, it’s really the same word. We shouldn’t be surprised when a study points out that hostility toward women and feminism is a cardinal symptom of a Trump supporter. The Washington Post ran a survey that teased out the connection between hostility toward women and Trump support:

We found that sexism was strongly and significantly correlated with support for Trump, even after accounting for party identification, ideology, authoritarianism and ethnocentrism. In fact, the impact of sexism was equivalent to the impact of ethnocentrism and much larger than the impact of authoritarianism. Again, this was in June — well before the “Access Hollywood” tape was released and several women came forward to accuse Trump of unwanted touching or kissing.

The Washington Post said it strongly correlated angry feelings with increased sexism, and therefore higher levels of support for Trump. Fear-based feelings didn’t garner as much of a sexist response as anger, an for the white male feeling under attack, the first response is anger. If anger is a strong predictor of Trump support, I wish they would have studied what created support for Hillary. Why not build on that? Then again, if we knew how to build on that, we might have a better chance of overcoming supreme sexist saboteurs like Comey. Who doesn’t trust the FBI? Or, more to the point, why didn’t the FBI “leak” its investigations on Donald Trump. Answer: angry sexism.

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