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Donald Trump Lost The Election So Why No Concession Speech?

November 9, 2016

According to Trump’s campaign promises, that he wouldn’t concede an election, that he thought the electoral college was rigged, that he wouldn’t accept those results, it’s strange that when his win depends on that very “rigged” system he railed against, he is willing to accept that technicality as his own right and not concede the election. We shouldn’t be surprised. Trump has been a liar from the beginning, but Clinton won the election. She won by popular vote: Clinton had 47.7% of the votes to Trump’s 47.5% of the votes, but Trump didn’t offer a concession speech.

The American people, by popular vote, elected Hillary Clinton, so where is Donald Trump’s concession speech? In short, he has none. Trump is willing to accept a rigged system in his favor, as long as he benefits, even if he didn’t win the election based on the will of the American people.


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