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Trump Presidency Silver Linings–Read On For Hope

November 9, 2016

For those of us who had true anxiety last night, and many of us had problems sleeping, cried, and talked about moving to Canada, there is a silver lining to a Trump Presidency, and it has to do with punishment: sociopaths don’t like limits, and as President, Trump may find limits imposed for the first time in his life. Perhaps Trump needed punishment more than the U.S. needed another Clinton in the White House. The Presidents notoriously go gray, find their agendas opposed, deal with lame-duck senators, people who switch sides, have to give up their business interests, and they live with assassination attempts at all times. How will Trump build his beautiful wall anyway? He can’t use his own money, and in this way, the Presidency limits him most of all. Trump is used to using his money, and he will be poorer in the White House than he has been in years. What a social experiment to see what happens when he moves closer to the rest of us and has limits imposed upon him.

Hard to believe there is another silver lining, but there is: minimum wage is going up and marijuana has been legalized, two normally “liberal” pieces of legislation pushed through the good ole ballot box that burned us with Trump. So what gives? Why the dichotomy amongst American voters? Normalize some pretty huge social reforms, but then elect a bigot and molester? The American people want a bigger voice in their politics, and Trump seemed to alienate all the political parties loudly and clearly. Kind of like that statement: he is an asshole, but he is my asshole. They think the will protect a voice that the parties ignored.

It’s true that the political party system has been squabbling for a long time, and it’s true that they haven’t been able to get anything done for fighting. It’s also true that people feel the Supreme Court is out of touch and doesn’t deserve to be supported, as evidenced by blocking nominations. Of course, blocking nominations is the kind of squabbling that makes people turn to the radical, if woefully inadequate, Trump choice. People want to have a voice, and Clinton, for all her strengths, never found a way to really connect with the American people beyond people wanting her gender to propel her. And, one could say, that based on her gender alone, she almost won a US Presidency, because her ability to personally connect was lacking.

We can say that even when people hated her personally, they loved her gender enough to almost elect her, by something like a 51-49% margin. There is hope here, people.

Am I devastated, yes, but there is part of me that welcomes constraining Trump with the Presidency. He will have to shut his mouth, or he will be impeached. Finally, finally, he might have some limits, and it turns out that it doesn’t take, literally, an act of Congress for people to say that minimum wage has to be fixed, that we don’t want to criminalize marijuana anymore. People are taking Congress out of their way an enacting laws that are meaningful to their communities, and that, Dear Readers, is a huge win. Let’s let Trump live with some limits. Let’s let him try to make a deal with Putin, build walls, and all sorts of nattering that he likes to do, but I predict that being impotent in the White House will be Trump’s undoing.

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