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Presidential Election Is Just The Biggest Example of Workplace Gender Discrimination And It’s Downright Deadly

November 11, 2016

She was more qualified. She had more experience. She won more votes than he did, won the American popular vote, and yet, some old white dude is still going to take advantage of procedural “gotcha” to steal this woman’s job. What this presidential election says about America is that equality for women in the workplace has worldwide ramifications. When racist white men collaborate to misogyny, the whole world suffers. Now gender disparity seems like a national disaster, but how about at 8pm on Election Day? People were still living in denial about how damaging gender inequality in the workplace is.

Today, we have seen that gender inequality can topple the stock market, bring the peso to its knees to beg, make innocent civilians beg for their lives, and still, people talk about how gender inequality is a woman’s problem. Gender disparity in the workplace means that we have a man waltzing to the White House who has threatened nuclear weapons, who has threatened to torture people, arrest detractors, grab women by their pussy. No one is safe from the ultimate ugly and brutal tide of gender violence and inequality.

If Trump as President of the United States doesn’t scare the world out of its denial, not much will, especially when we consider that Hillary Clinton won the vote. How much more does it take to convince people that gender inequality kills?

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